San Antonio Dog Show – Special Visitor!

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We were at the dog show, and guess who we saw there? And guess who asked to try on a Ruff Life Rider?

Cesar Millan tries out a Ruff Life Rider!

Cesar Millan tries out a Ruff Life Rider!

Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer!

He was very nice, smiling, charming.

And he seemed to love the Ruff Life Riders!

It was great meeting you, Cesar!

Raffle Winners From the ROT Rally

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Our First Winners

Our First Winners

Our second Winner!


This young man reached into his pocket for a dollar to buy a ticket, and he won! He picked out a RLR that his Mother would like to have for her small dog. We then found out, that he was a Soldier. He also lost a lot of friends in Iraq. We were pleased that he won and we THANK YOU for your service to our Country.


To all of you that helped raise money for our soldiers, thank you. We raffled off two of our carriers and we had a grand total of 76.00 needed to buy a 99.00 back pack for a wounded warrior.
We, (Ruff Life Riders) donated the balance due for at least one back pack. I donated in my Son’s Honor. I will continue to buy more back packs. Each remaining pack will be purchased in HONOR of one of his fallen friends. There are a lot of them.
Thanks again for helping us with this cause.

Here is a copy of our reciept:

Your Confirmation Information
07/14/2009 01:42 PM (PT)
Wounded Warrior ProjectThank you for your generous donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. Your gift enables us to provide comfort and aid to the wounded and families in need.The following summarizes your contribution:
Payment Amount: $99.00
Reference ID: 93698739

We are going to the Dog Shows!

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This link is for the Dog Show in San Antonio. Please click the link to find out who will be there! THE DOG WHISPERER!!

Then we will be in Houston July 16-19 at the Dog Show!


Please come and see us!

It’s all about the dogs!

Buda Weiner Dog Races!

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Wow…did we have fun meeting a lot of great dog owners and some really wonderful dogs! 

Some were dressed up in their “Ruff Life Rider” and some did not fit into what we had …but do not worry. We are making the next size larger so all dogs can have a “Ruff Life!”

A special “THANK YOU” to everyone that allowed us to take their photo !!

 All dogs were introduced to their carrier just minutes before the photo was taken and some fell asleep before we could grab the camera! 

Feel free to download and print your photo! Your awesome!

Mail Hiccup!

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Sorry about the inconvenience — our mail had a little bit of a hiccup.

Mail us at any time for info about Ruff Life Riders — online store coming soon!

Mighty Texas Dog Walk!

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We will be in a booth near Jo’s Coffee Shop on South Congress during the entire Mighty Texas Dog Walk.

The Mighty Texas Dog Walk is an event on April 11th, 2009.  They’re trying to beat the Guinness Record for Most Dogs Walked At One Time!

The event starts at 9am, and at 11, at Jo’s Coffee Shop, is a costume contest!

We’ll be in a booth nearby — if you’re in Austin, come and see us!  Dog treats for early birds and you can get a Ruff Life Rider right away!

(If you got a card and want to order, write us at info @ ruffliferiders . com.)

Welcome to RuffLifeRiders!

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The Founders

This is our news and events site. Check here for festivals, places, and soirees we will be at, selling our RuffLifeRiders!

RuffLifeRiders are handy dog carriers you can wear on the front or back.  The dog is very comfortable (our Coco just fell asleep as we walked around today), has a special little hole for its tail, and this allows you to have your hands free for shopping or whatever you want to do.

You can even carry two dogs, one in front and one in back — check out gallery on our website!

Anyway, thanks for visiting!