Welcome to RuffLifeRiders!

The Founders

This is our news and events site. Check here for festivals, places, and soirees we will be at, selling our RuffLifeRiders!

RuffLifeRiders are handy dog carriers you can wear on the front or back.  The dog is very comfortable (our Coco just fell asleep as we walked around today), has a special little hole for its tail, and this allows you to have your hands free for shopping or whatever you want to do.

You can even carry two dogs, one in front and one in back — check out gallery on our website!

Anyway, thanks for visiting!


~ by ThatTomHall on March 30, 2009.

One Response to “Welcome to RuffLifeRiders!”

  1. Hi Can you ask the boss if she can make one of these for my 2 Rotwielers,they weigh about 150 lbs.Their names are Rocky and Rambo! WE used to spend a lot of time at Lake Granbury but my wonderful friend hauled her butt to south Texas!!!!Have not heard from her since!!!! :~)

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