Raffle Winners From the ROT Rally

Our First Winners

Our First Winners

Our second Winner!


This young man reached into his pocket for a dollar to buy a ticket, and he won! He picked out a RLR that his Mother would like to have for her small dog. We then found out, that he was a Soldier. He also lost a lot of friends in Iraq. We were pleased that he won and we THANK YOU for your service to our Country.


To all of you that helped raise money for our soldiers, thank you. We raffled off two of our carriers and we had a grand total of 76.00 needed to buy a 99.00 back pack for a wounded warrior.
We, (Ruff Life Riders) donated the balance due for at least one back pack. I donated in my Son’s Honor. I will continue to buy more back packs. Each remaining pack will be purchased in HONOR of one of his fallen friends. There are a lot of them.
Thanks again for helping us with this cause.

Here is a copy of our reciept:

Your Confirmation Information
07/14/2009 01:42 PM (PT)
Wounded Warrior ProjectThank you for your generous donation to the Wounded Warrior Project. Your gift enables us to provide comfort and aid to the wounded and families in need.The following summarizes your contribution:
Payment Amount: $99.00
Reference ID: 93698739

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