Sizes, Colors, Prices

Plain carriers cost $45. Fancy, decorated carriers are $50. Custom Carriers start at $65 — we will make almost any color combo that you want-write us at info @ ruffliferiders . com.

Ruff Life Riders come in six sizes, and four colors. (For Colors, see below) 


The Coco: 2-4 lbs.


The Woogie: 4-6 lbs.


The Lucy 6-8 lbs.


The Ricky 8-10 lbs.


The Brigitte: 10-12 lbs.

The Brutus: 12-15 lbs. (photos coming)



Black, Brown, Denim, Khaki (not pictured).

Liners and decorations vary by availability. We cannot guarantee liners or decorations.

To order, write us at info @ ruffliferiders . com.  (Online store coming soon!)

8 Responses to “Sizes, Colors, Prices”

  1. I spoke with you at Buda this past weekend about an extra large size(20 1/2 inch)carrier,That you measured for me on the table.
    I have a 15 lb daschund. Thanks, Calvin

  2. We have a chocolate miniature dachshund. Do you make ruffriders especially for dachshunds? As you proberly know dachshunds are not supposed to be held upright! I hope you do! I shall look forward to hearing from you.

    God Bless,Victoria Nugent

  3. Hi Victoria!

    OF COURSE we asked our vet for approval for Miniature Doxies-and even the “All TX Dachshund Rescue” bought several of them because of the injured Doxies love their “Ruff Life Riders.” We even donated two of them to their non-profit organization…and we recommend YOU check with your vet. It’s all about the dog!

  4. Hello ~
    I recently purchased some of your carriers at the Austin ROT Rally. I was wondering if you will be attending any upcoming events where I can view the variety of your fabrics/designs.
    I am truly enjoying my recent purchase.
    Thank you

  5. We’re glad you like them!

    We are looking to attend the Houston Dog Show in July.

  6. Do you have any events in the Austin/San Antonio area in the future?

  7. We will be attending all major dog-oriented events. Stay tuned… 🙂

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